Maintenance of natural stone floors

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Travertine is a type of limestone that can be left in its natural state, without polishing. It originally comes from sedimentary rock formed by limestone remnants of flora and fauna. It is natural calcium – carbonate (CaCO3), which will melt when you warm it. It varies in hardness. Porous and with visible holes, often filled with epoxy Travertine is one of several natural stones that are used for paving courtyards and pathways. It comes in a variety of colors from gray to coral – red. It is usually available in sizes for floor tile installations. It can be treated by being polished, matte and textured.

Stains from liquids

Riven-Flagstone-Floor-After-Sealing-Boston-135550Travertine has a very good predisposition for acid. The acid damages the surface and the color. It is unacceptable to spill even water, because it can turn into a blur. Setting travertine floor in the bathroom is a bad idea because soaps, creams and other chemistry can damage it. Fruit juice, soft drinks and other acid will remove the glossy surface, if you allow it to remain on the surface. The spill acid should be immediately wiped with a wet cloth. If etched mark appeared, it is necessary to polish the floor.

The best way to prevent stains is that the floor surface is treated with a protective sealer – substances that are used for sealing. They filled the pores and refuse to spill on the surface, allowing enough time to be fully deleted.

Sand, dirt and gravel

Sand, dirt and gravel can do the most damage to natural stone because of abrasiveness. Setting rugs and carpets inside and out, you will help to minimize scratching the stone floor with sand or dirt.
Do not use vacuum cleaners that have a bearing. Metal and plastic fittings can scratch the surface, detergent based on flour technology, is the best available technology, which provides the ultimate shield of water and oil – base spots. Micro – molecules bind to the surface of the stone delivering unsurpassed wear resistance and durability.

Periodic maintenance of the floor involves the use of powder polishing agents, diamond abrasives or acrylic water-based products.

pic_specials3Maintenance of the floor begins with the identification of the material of the floor .Understanding how naturally formed travertine; technician understands the struggles that the properties and characteristics of the materials available, and who are the potential problems associated with it. As they say, for all there is a cure, only the necessary knowledge and proper handling of appropriate means, to the results to be evident.
If your floor looks good your house is looking good. But besides the look of you houses you will be very satisfied with the quality of your floor which got excellent Miami moving rates.

Whether you want to accomplish a brand new, very modern look of your home or to enjoy in your old-fashioned house this natural stone is definitely the best possible solution. The only thing you should be aware of is that it is not so easy for maintenance, but with a little more effort and a proper care that could be arranged very easily.

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